I Fall in Love with the Chloe Drew Bag

I once read a book called elegance written by Xiaoxue, the editor-in-chef of the ELLE magazine. In the book, she talked about her opinions about bags. She said that it is not embarrassing to wear a bag that is not a brand and wearing a counterfeit brand bag is a shame. I totally agreed with her, barely bought any counterfeit brand bag, and despised street people who wear counterfeit brand bags before I touched any luxury bags. However, my opinion is entirely changed this year after I wear these delicate knockoffs.

The first brand bag that I cannot take my eyes off is the Chloe Drew bag, which I saw in a sharing posted by a WeChat friend selling delicate knockoffs. At first, the shape of the bag attracts to me. Fashionists give the following description of its shape: The bag is different from the rectangular shape of other shoulder bags. The saddle shape of the Drew bag is delicate and modern. With round lines and the elegant rotary buckle, the metal chain is perfectly and harmoniously tied at the axis center of the U shape. In the sharing, the bag has some pictures about the bag details. The details are very delicate, including the texture, metal chains, buckle, and threads. Each detail attracts to me. The most important thing about the bag for me is the craftmanship of the bag. I have bought lots of bags. Their shapes were very beautiful; however, due to the texture, color fading of metals, and vulnerable threads, they became damaged soon than I expected. Based on the shape and textures, I fall in love with the Drew bag. After I read the description in the sharing, I began to know that this is the new version of Chloe, which costs more than 10000 RMB. However, for me, who earn only 3000 RMB a month, need to spend three months of salaries to buy a bag I like. Most importantly, I care more about the cute shape and delicate craftmanship than the brand. I did not even know the Chole brand before I saw the Drew bag.

Due to this bag, I changed my opinions on counterfeit knockoffs. It is okay to buy counterfeit knockoffs if someone likes the bag so much. The counterfeit knockoffs have a high quality and beautiful shape. The price is also affordable. It is the bag that you like rather than the brand. Do not care about what other people say. If you like the bag and cannot afford it, just buy a counterfeit knockoff. What really counts is the person who wears the bag rather than the bag itself.

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