Why the Chloé Drew Bag Becomes So Popular?

What is the most popular bag these days? Most people would mention the Chloé Drew bag. When you see the bag at the first sight, you will immediately fall in love with it. The Chloé Drew bag is the most good-looking bag that is worth buying. Why it becomes so trendy suddenly? There are several reasons.
Drew=猪in Chinese
The prouncement of the Drew in the Chloé Drew bag is like the prouncement of 猪 in Chinese. As a result, a cute nickname of the Drew bag is born. This cute name helps the bag earn many girls’ love.
Celebrity effect

No needless to say, bags worn by super stars, super models, and fashionsts become popular instantly, which is an ultimate truth. Look at the following pictures and you will know why.

Chinese super model Liu Wen

Swiss fashionist Kristina Bazan
Leading actress in Transformers 3 Rosie
High cost-effect and ten thousand RMB is not expensive

Nowadays, most brand vintage brands sell at twenty or thirty thousand. However, the Drew bag sells at ten thousand RMB. In Europe, the Drew may sell at more than eight thousand RMB. If you really like this series, it is very worth buying one.

Too many versions are offered.

Too many versions such as lepoard prints, snake skins, round dots, horse horse hair, single color, multiple colors are offered. Any version is very harmonious with the golden chains. Wearing the bag, the whole person has a sense of street fashion and a temperament of elegance.

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